Diary of Events / Shows 2021

Pending the launch of our new website, please see 

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When fairs are running "normally" again you will also find details of the current list in the latest copy of the Journal.  Please note that opening times are sometimes changed by organisers, so check their website if you plan to visit early or late in the day.

All live events for 2020 are cancelled or postponed due to concerns about the spread of the Corona Virus, and others are in a changed format and not what you might be expecting.  

Please note that where organisers have gone online with their event, these are usually still priced and you will have to buy tickets beforehand.  Please check the event official website for further details.

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International Beading Week  25th July - 2nd August 2020

www.internationalbeadingweek.co.uk Worldwide

FOR PHOTOS, WINNERS  AND INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED DURING IBW 2020, PLEASE GO TO  https://www.facebook.com/groups/internationalbeadingweek 

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