The Guild's Collection of Beadwork

The Guild holds a small collection of beadwork. The core of the collection was originally owned by the late Valerie Campbell-Harding and was acquired by the Guild in 2006. Other members have also added to the collection. Sometimes these have been charity shop finds but others have more interesting provenance. There is a mix of European and ‘ethnic’ beadwork; much of it dates back to the 1920’s and some is even older. There is also some contemporary work, including two group Challenge winners.

Although it is not practical to make items available for study or to lend any of the items out, we will continue to try and make the collection available to members to study whenever the opportunity arises at events and exhibitions. For example, pieces from the collection formed the core of the source material for the 2008 Beading Festival which resulted in the Victorian Design Pack.

In April 2017 we started featuring individual items in the Guild's Journal to further facilitate access to the collection for members. Below you will find images of each item featured, just click on the image to open a pdf file.

Beaded Bags


Beaded Jewellery & Decorative Items


Ethnic Beadwork