The Great British Bead Show Tutor Profiles 2019

Here are the details of all the class tutors, 


Mairi Carlton

Originally a self taught beader who has been creating and teaching her own designs for over 14 years. She organises a large beading group in Glasgow called ‘Beadwildered’, teaches locally on a regular basis and delivers workshops for several Scottish Guilds and shops. Mairi loves Swarovski crystals, particularly vintage samples, and includes them in her work whenever she can. 

Giulia de Cesare

Has loved beads since playing with her mother's broken costume jewellery as a small child but discovered 'proper' beadwork at the Harrow Bead Fair in 1999. Giulia immediately joined Berkshire Beaders, the Beadworkers Guild and the Bead Society of Great Britain and has been a total bead junkie ever since.  She has devised and taught many patterns to her local group and has had lots of them published by the Guild and the Society.

Carole Cowie

Carole has been designing and teaching beadwork classes for 5 years. Her passion for beadwork began when she met The Beadworkers Guild in 2012 and has flourished rapidly into a complete obsession!  A true magpie by nature her designs usually incorporate something very sparkly, aka Swarovski, and are often inspired by the simplicity of the Art Deco era.

Claire Crouchley

Claire is firmly addicted to colour and sparkle, leading to a love of beading for over 20 years. She experiments with all sorts of textile crafts and is trying to incorporate beads into just about all of them. Her work has been featured in several books and articles, and she can be found designing, teaching, and selling her beadwork whenever she gets the chance. You can find out more and see her work at

Melanie de Miguel

Melanie is an internationally renowned beadwork artist, author and tutor, known for her delicate, filigree beadwork trapping crystals, and whose work has been featured in many publications and beadwork books. Melanie is an inspiring tutor, constantly endeavouring to make workshops fun and challenging. A science teacher, passionate about her subject, Melanie’s fascination with thread paths, and constant desire to experiment, led her to create the exciting new technique Hubble stitch, about which she has now published two books.

Sylvia Fairhurst 

Sylvia has a passion for teaching, she is a qualified tutor for adult education and has travelled the UK and Japan teaching her designs. 

She enjoys working with small beads and Swarovski crystals, her work includes wearable and functional / decorative pieces. Sylvia’s work has appeared in several exhibitions and has been published in a number of books and magazines. 

She is a trustee and former chairman of The Beadworkers Guild and the proprietor of Witch Beads.

Justin Gage

Justine has always loved crafts of many kinds, especially those that are three-dimensional. She has been teaching beadwork for more than five years, and regularly publishes in various beadwork magazines. 

She likes to explore with new bead shapes, and to find new possibilities for designs, that are easily to make and use accessible materials. Justine also has a special interest in beaded beads.

Fran Griffiths 

The riotous excitement of colour married with even more colour spills into Fran’s designs. The pursuit of ever new and different elegant shapes and techniques to embrace delight into her pieces, fills her days. Fran, a full time Beadwork Designer & International Teacher, loves to teach and impart knowledge and travels extensively to do so. She has developed two of her own stitches, STACK STITCH and T STITCH and one technique, BOXED HERRINGBONE, however, she has yet to find the time to write a book or two!


Manda Kent-Burns 

Manda is a lover of the Jacobean style and an independent minded beader, Manda Kent Burns revels in designing beautiful but practical items to enhance the every day. She transforms traditional thread embroidery stitches into ones using beads which are then incorporated into her designs and then shares with others through her e-books and kits. They can be seen at 

Heather Kingsley-Heath

Heathers work is delicate, richly detailed and infinitely wearable. Often inspired by history, heritage, vintage and treasure, her work explores the relationships and traditions of combined beading techniques.

Heather is also known for her more experimental figurative and sculptural pieces which combine a huge range of seed beading techniques to create three dimensional pieces, with a sense of fun.

As a tutor Heather is a kind, patient, lively and inspiring teacher, generous with her design processes and techniques. She teaches regularly both in the UK and overseas. 

She writes and publishes her work as books, kits and patterns as well as creating pieces to commission.

Helen McIntyre

Helen is a self taught beader but has had lots of help from wonderful tutors and beading friends over the past 10 years. She loves geometric beadwork, especially when it has an organic feel and includes twists and spirals. Having a scientific background she especially enjoys the challenge of ‘what if I just....’ and taking a pattern one stage further.  She has taught absolute beginners at WI events and more advanced beaders at her local bead clubs.

Jean Power

Jean is a multi award-winning jewellery designer whose work in beads is inspired by geometry, form, colour and the beads themselves. World-renowned for bringing a unique modern twist to this ancient art-form, Jean is the author of 8 books on beading and jewellery-making and travels extensively teaching her designs.


Liz Thornton

Liz is a beadworker with a passion for sharing her knowledge and love of the craft with others through her teaching and writing.  An experienced and fully qualified adult education tutor, she is based in south London but also teaches further afield when invited, including overseas trips to New York and Japan.  Liz has frequently contributed articles to beading magazines in the UK and the USA. The publication of which she is most proud is The Beader’s Floral, written jointly with Jill Devon.  Also with Jill Devon, Liz edited The Beadworkers Guild’s ‘Introduction to Beadwork’ series of books.  Liz is currently Chairman of The Beadworkers Guild.

Sue Ticehurst

Sue has had a passion for jewellery since she was a child. The discovery of bead needle weaving in the 90's rekindled her love and she embarked on a new adventure after she gained her City and Guilds certificate. 

Addicted to Peyote and all things sparkly, Sue has been designing and teaching for a number of years. Sue founded a local bead club called The Bead Togethers. She is a member of The Bead workers Guild and also the Bead Society of Great Britain. 

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